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Measures of Achievement

Posted by Sam on February 8, 2014 at 6:22pm 0 Comments

            It is natural to want to be successful. It is good for self-esteem. No one begins any challenge with the purpose of failure, though failure is always a possibility. It is so with any human endeavour including school. The difference with schooling is that students begin a course of education through legislation rather than choice. The subjects taken are not self determined; they are legislatively prescribed. This is to be expected as young…



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Measuring What Matters in Education

People for Education wants to hear from you! 

Please take a few minutes to participate in this poll. It is part of a ground-breaking initiative to broaden how success is measured in education. People for Education's Measuring What Matters project will include multiple partners, extensive public consultations, pilot programs in Ontario schools and ongoing research by a group of expert scholars.

The success of our students affects everyone – they represent the future of Canada and the kind of society we hope to have. Whether you are a student, a parent, a teacher, an employer, or an interested citizen, we need to hear from you. Please share the poll link far and wide!


All day Kindergarten - Funding

Started by Shelley Stacey in Education Policy and Government BIlls. Last reply by Sheila Stewart Sep 13. 13 Replies

Just wondering everyone's thoughts on what I believe is the dirty little secret to all day kindergarten.  After looking in every area possible there is no place that states that not all classes will have both an ECE and Teacher.  In fact many…Continue

Is Your School Welcoming and Open to Parent Volunteers?

Started by Lisa Robertson in Parent Engagement/Involvement/Communication. Last reply by Anelia Coppes Dec 2, 2012. 3 Replies

Many parents spend countless hours at our schools volunteering with a wide variety of activities in and around the child's school.  We have seen and answered questions on surveys but are parents feeling welcomed in schools?  Do parents feel like…Continue

You Gotta Watch/Listen to this...

Started by Jacqui Strachan in You Gotta Watch/Listen to this!. Last reply by Stefania Aoun Sep 16. 4 Replies

At the suggestion of Lori, one of our community members, I am finally starting a discussion category where people can post links to education-related videos, poems, songs, stories, etc.From Ken Robinson's famous TED Talk to spoken word artists…Continue

School Council Roles in Elections

Started by Jacqui Strachan in School Councils. Last reply by Jacqui Strachan Aug 20. 24 Replies

With a provincial election around the corner and municipal elections on October 27, it seems like a good time to re-visit this discussion...Education is an important issue in both provincial and municipal elections, and school councils can play an…Continue

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Meet the Moderators!

 Anelia Coppes

Anelia is the co-chair of the Near North District School Board Parent Involvement Committee, school council chair at Parry Sound High School and a school council member at the elementary school.  The mother of four children, Anelia has been actively involved at her Board, attending board and committee meetings, giving parent input on current Education issues. Anelia is a member of the People for Education Network, and you’ll often find her giving a warm welcome to new community members.  Follow her on Twitter at @aneliacoppes.

 Annie Kidder

Annie is the Executive Director of People for Education. The mother of two daughters, Annie has worked for the last 16 years to keep public education in the public eye. She attended 12 schools between kindergarten and grade 12, which may have been how she acquired her passion for public education. Annie is the recipient of numerous awards for her advocacy work. She has spoken at conferences across the country and is regularly quoted in the media as an expert on education issues. Follow her on Twitter at @anniekidder.

 Sheila Stewart

Our northernmost moderator, Sheila is a member of the People for Education Network.  She is a mother of two daughters and works on call as an ESL teacher supporting adult newcomers.  Sheila is committed to connecting and collaborating with all education stakeholders in support of student learning. Sheila enjoys connecting other parents and educators in conversations, and can regularly be found tweeting education gems from different corners of the world. Follow her on Twitter at @sheilaspeaking.

 Jacqui Strachan

Jacqui is the Director of Outreach and Parent Support at People for Education and school council chair at her high school. The mother of two boys, Jacqui loves to connect with parents. At P4E, she helps to develop parent tip sheets, coordinates the People for Education Network, provides parent support, and runs workshops to help engage parents in their children’s education.  When she’s not doing that, she’s either tatting or trying to keep up with Sheila on Twitter.  Follow her on Twitter at @jacquistrachan.

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Janet McCarrol replied to Sheila Stewart's discussion 'Student Engagement: What does it look like?'
"..." a well defined process¨.....Could you be more specific in how a school board can implement that in practical terms? "
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Linda Groen replied to Sheila Stewart's discussion 'Student Engagement: What does it look like?'
"When a child comes into the world, adults are usually concerned with his/her physical wellbeing...feeding, bathing, sleeping.  But also, cuddling, cooing, smiling, touching...all of the natural "feelings" of love and bonding.…"
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Jacqui Strachan replied to Sheila Stewart's discussion 'Student Engagement: What does it look like?'
"I'm glad to see this discussion continuing. 'Student engagement' is one of the areas we are looking at as part of the Measuring What Matters initiative. We are talking about it in the context of 'school climate and quality…"
3 hours ago
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Janet McCarrol replied to Sheila Stewart's discussion 'Student Engagement: What does it look like?'
"It's not just the "something that they are not passionate about" that is being drawn out here - it is the "how they are being taught/how they are learning the material" that seems to be on everybody's mind.   The…"
Sheila Stewart replied to Sheila Stewart's discussion 'Student Engagement: What does it look like?'
"It is confusing, Janet.  I think the perception of "engagement" can be really subjective.  How do we sort out the right balance of compliance, entertainment, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, etc.?  Each may be…"
Janet McCarrol replied to Sheila Stewart's discussion 'Student Engagement: What does it look like?'
"Hmmm...interesting.  I teach a lot of ESL students from Eastern European countries and/or Asian countries and even at the primary level, they tend to come in strong with early math skills (often, they have learned their multiplication tables by…"
Sheila Stewart replied to Sheila Stewart's discussion 'Student Engagement: What does it look like?'
"I thought this was well written and useful... good suggestions about what student engagement means, but also "with or without…"

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